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Palringo is an instant messenger client that allows users to communicate with Yahoo, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, iChat, and Facebook Chat users.
In order to use Palringo, you will have to register an account at the Palringo website.Then, after logging in, you will need to specify the services you use (Yahoo, MSN, or Gmail for example), insert your credentials for the first use only, and you’re in. Once you are logged in, a new tab will appear for the contacts in your lists. Usual customization options like display offline users, alert when someone comes off/on-line and so on, are present as well.

An interesting option of the program is to let you browse for Parlingo users in the area where you are, using geographical tags. What makes Palringo different from other messenger clients is the possibility to gather contacts from different services in groups, and its 'push to talk' and 'send picture' options.

'Push to talk' is a method of voice messages sending: you will simply need to click on the button and speak the message, which will be sent and stored on Palringo server. Your contact will receive a link to listen to it, without having to use Palringo. There is also a 'picture' button to send pictures to your contacts.

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  • Excellent application including most of the popular messenger services
  • An option for sending voice messages via 'push to talk' interface


  • Interface needs a better look
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